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Video Review of the BMW i3 Electric Car

Testing the BMW i3 Electric Car on the Streets of Galway [VIDEO] You can read more about my experiences of… Continue reading »


My 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions about ecars and the BMW i3

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Great Electric Drive Amanda Meehan Dublin 22 (2)

Nissan Leaf

This is my first post since receiving the leaf and I must say I am very impressed, living in Dublin… Continue reading »

Great Electric Drive The Spelt Bakery Josephine Plettenberg

The first fortnight

  Today our new e-van, the Renault Kangoo, was unavoidably incapacitated and we had to revert back to the car…. Continue reading »


Decision Time

As my trial period for the Outlander runs out in early January, I am approaching decision time about my 151… Continue reading »


ecars of the Past and Future: From the 19th Century to an Internet of Electric Vehicles

I am writing this article from Dallas in Texas, a state that I assumed would have the lowest stats with… Continue reading »


Regenerative Braking

With Internal Combustion Engine [ICE] cars, the difference between an economy driver and a guzzler is the use the driver… Continue reading »


Introducing the Electropool

For most of us, our daily commute is automatic behaviour. Every morning, we choose to drive alone to work, at… Continue reading »

Two Leafs at once...getting busy in Maynooth.

So…how much is it for a litre of Diesel these days??

This is a question I so often asked before but I suddenly notice that I’m not scanning the signs at… Continue reading »


Belfast to Brussels – 100% Electric

The Green eMotion EU project decided to promote electromobility by holding a rally to Brussels from around Europe in electric… Continue reading »